Trey Davis talks USC official visit, why he committed & never wavered

December 4, 2018

Trey Davis committed to USC back in May and never wavered with his pledge to the Trojans, just like Tracy Ford from FSP told us he wouldn’t.

For Davis, his interest in the Trojans went far beyond what they offered with football. caught up with Davis after his official visit last weekend to talk about the visit, what led to his commitment and much more with the impressive young man from Seattle, Washington.

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SS: A lot of commits and guys strongly considering USC have stayed strong with USC. What has been the reason why through all this semi-madness that has kept you with USC?

Trey Davis: Well I know USC always has a great tradition of excellence. They’re a very young team right now, I think they had 8 freshman out there, next year they’ll start progressing and you’ll see how they progressed. We had a bad year this year, but I guarantee it won’t be like that next year.

SS: There were players after the Notre Dame game saying what you’re saying right now. They really felt it, it wasn’t just talk. For someone like me who sees the team play and practice, we can see that this team can be really good in a hurry with significant changes. What are the coaches telling you about the their vision of where this program is going and any coaches they may be adding?

Trey Davis: Well, I don’t know exactly who the DB coach is going to be, but the Defensive Coordinator, I call him Coach P, I think he’s gonna be the one coaching me because I play nickel. I know there’s going to be a new DB Coach in the next couple weeks, so hopefully we click, but at the same time, I might have a different position coach so I want to build the relationship.

SS: USC is really high on you. What have they told you they like about you, is playing nickel specifically where they see you, or one of the roles?

Trey Davis: I’m definitely going to be a nickel, but if not, another position I could play at is Strong Safety, they like how I come down and tackle, that’s why they like me at nickel.

SS: You’ve been to USC before, but this was your official visit. Even the local guys say you get stuff on your official that you don’t on your unofficial, was there stuff that you learned this visit that really stood out, surprised you or didn’t know about?

Trey Davis: USC is just one big community and everyone is just there for each other and stuff. I want to study business, so I went to talk to a business professor and he was telling me about how they take care of their students and class sizes and stuff. That really wowed me and stood out to me.

SS: You’ve had an opportunity to hang out with the other football players, and that always seems to be a big deal when guys are able to go on their official visit. Was that something that made an impact on you?

Trey Davis: Yeah, I actually know Elijah Winston because we played 7 on 7 together so we hung out alot. Talanoa[Hufanga] was supposed to be my host but he had to go watch one of his younger brothers play a game so Chase Williams was my host. We were just talking and they were all good dudes. They’re just there to have fun and play ball and handle business.

SS: What originally drew you to SC?

Trey Davis: What originally happened is that we had an tournament down there[LA] my sophomore year and then took a visit to UCLA, but they were still building, but I still thought it was cool. But right when we went into USC, right when we took that left into campus, I was like wow, this place is amazing. They took us through campus and you can ask my teammates, I told them if they offer me, I’m committing.

SS: Yeah, I’ve been told they do a good job on these official visits of showing what USC can offer outside of football. Did you experience this?

Trey Davis: Yeah, they were telling us that this scholarship is 4 years, unlike other places where it renews every year. And I came down with my auntie and she said she could see why I chose this school.

SS: You were on this visit with other guys like Drake Jackson.. Sounds like you guys could get Mase Funa, did you get a chance to talk to him at all?

Trey Davis: I talked to him a little bit. He’s a funny guy, he kept calling me Derrick Rose haha.. All the guys there were fun to hang out with. The only guy I didn’t get to hangout with was the quarterback [Kedon Slovis].. But he seems like a really good dude.

SS: Yeah it seems like quarterbacks do that.. I remember JT was watching film on his official visit.

Trey Davis: Yeah, I didn’t get to see him like that.. I was like, “Where is this dude at?”

SS: Was this your first opportunity to spend time with guys you could potentially be coming here with?

Trey Davis: I’ve been down there before and I’ve met a lot of coaches and players before.. I’ve been down to SC like four or five times, so I met mostly everyone there.

SS: What were the highlights of the official visits for you?

TD: Honestly, for me it was just hanging out with the players and stuff. They were welcoming of us like we were on the team. That’s what I loved, they welcomed us in like family.

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