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5-Star RB Gavin Sawchuk Details What USC Offers On & Off Field

June 9, 2021

U‍SC has been recruiting 5-Star Running Back Gavin Sawchuk‍ for well over a year, but interest in the Trojans didn't begin to heat up until he and his family took a self-guided tour in April.

Although they didn't have an opportunity to talk to the coaches or see any of the Athletic or Academic facilities, they left Los Angeles extremely impressed with whay they'd seen. In fact, that unofficial visit pretty much sealed the deal on Sawchuk taking an official visit to USC, which he did last weekend. 

USC SCOOP had an opportunity to catch up with Sawchuk earlier today to chat about his first June official visit.

Q&A With Scott Schrader

SS: Were there some things that you were able to get out of your office that you weren’t able to on your first visit?

GS: Yeah absolutely. Of course, seeing the facilities were a lot cooler. Coaches, hanging out with them, meeting some of the players and recruits. It was a lot more fun doing the official that I didn’t get to do on the self-guided visit.

SS: Ty Kana, he’s committed, one thing that stood out to him was how he vibed with the current players on the team. Did you get to spend a lot of time with the players on the team?

GS: Yeah I did, actually I kinda talked back and forth with Jaxson Dart prior to heading out there on social media. I was able to hang out with them out there. It was a lot of fun, I loved the vibes the other players gave, they were supportive of the teammates.

SS: What were some of the things that USC, whether academics or football, some of the things they were able to show that stood out to you?

GS: Really all of that, academic presentations. Football, getting to meet the coaches. The main thing I took away from it was the family atmosphere. All the coaches are cool with each other, all the players are cool and love the coaches. It seemed like a big family environment to me.

SS: Were you able to talk to Mike Jinks and show you their vision of the run game and how you fit in?

GS: I’ve done a lot of film sessions with Coach Jinks and how they run their offense. I was able to, and we’ve been talking for a while now. I have a good grasp of what they do as an offense now.

SS: Is there a major at USC that stands out to you?

GS: I want to do something related to engineering, not sure what field yet.

SS: It seems USC has hit hard on the NIL stuff, is that a big deal to you?

GS: Yeah, I think it’s important and they did a big presentation on that. I know the rules and guidelines are still confusing but they showed the opportunities you have in a city like LA. You have a lot of famous people living around there and a lot of opportunities for marketing. Building your image, the brand is very important.

SS: Are there certain aspects of USC that they can do for you?

GS: Yeah absolutely. From a football standpoint, developing as a running back, all-purpose back. From that standpoint, keeping me healthy and strong down the line. From an academic standpoint, being able to get my degree and have an opportunity outside of football. They also mentioned the chaplain to grow in my faith and to become a better person.

SS: Your brother was recently offered, how meaningful was that for you?

GS: It was really cool to see. It’s harder for him sometimes, because a lot of people see him and think of me. I’m really proud and excited for him. He's making his own journey and not worried about what I'm doing. It's amazing to see that and have the opportunity maybe play together in college.

SS: This was your first official, did the visit live up to your expectations?

GS: Absolutely, I've visited the campus of all these schools, weight rooms all of that stuff. I'm really looking to meeting the coaches, the staff, the players and picking their brains. See if they are an environment I can fit into. I think USC did a great job of letting us spend time and build those relationships.

SS: Compared to maybe a year ago, how much has this process and visit helped USC?

GS: A lot for sure. I wasn't really too sold on USC, but making that self-guided visit sparked my interest. I love the campus and thought it was amazing. My coach is good friends with the track coach there, having the opportunity to run track and play football. On the official, meeting the coaches. They’ve definitely grown on me and done a good job.

SS: What is the visit schedule that you have left for June?

GS: This Friday, I’ll go to Ohio State. Next Thursday, Oklahoma. The following weekend, Notre Dame.

SS: Do you have a time frame on when you want to commit?

GS: Yeah I definitely want to commit before the football season. I'm not sure what day it’s going to be. I kind of want to make a decision before the football season so I can focus on my team.

SS: What ultimately are you looking for in the school you choose?

GS: I think the most important things are: a good football team, somewhere where I can grow as an athlete and get prepared for the next level. Great academic school, somewhere where I can get my degree and where I am pushed just as much academically as on the football field. And a great atmosphere around the coaches, players, other students at a university, just being somewhere where I can fit in and enjoy how many years I'm there. 


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