Certainly worth keepin an eye on

Call me Old (fashioned) but I don't think schools should be allowed to make an offer till the summer before the youngman enters his Sr. yr in HS Perfect example of this is when Kiff offered that QB who was only in the 8th grade at the time. He didn't end up at SC but that was just stupid! The schools can "scout" the players all they want from afar. Let 'em be, hands off.

Recruiting has become so over the top in a Lot of instances; I can't help but think it's an issue for many of the top end HS programs across the country. But especially in Texas; where HS Football is So much bigger than anywhere else! I've lived in Texas, spent a good amount of time working in Texas and in a lot of those small towns, THAT is What the town revolves around. Let the players grow up a lil, let 'em be kids for crap sake! Once you leave that part of your life, it don't Ever come back around. No matter how much some try too "live" in that moment later on...

Part of why I say this is, we already are bemoaning the "opt outs" for Non-CFP bowl games. And it's RUINING the Bowls!! What's next? Player Z for Mater Dei has 135 offers from across the country by the end of his Soph season. He decides to comitt too (H Univ) early in his Jr season. What's next; he decides too "opt out" of his Sr season so he can "focus/train" for when he enters (H Univ)??? BS!!