It would be great if all three guys you mentioned hear their names called on day 1 of the draft. But not sure of we hear 13 names called across all 3 days.

I won't be one givin Helton credit if 3 (or more) are called on day 1. Why would I?? He didn't do a damned thing to help make it happen! We'd Still have PenderCRAP as DC if AD Bohn hadn't pulled the plug! Nor would we have Korey, Raesjon or Ceyair! So, No; he doesn't get a hand clap, he gets the boot in the ass he deserves.

Unless Harrell actually makes use of the RB's and the TE's we're screwed. I'm not a DC nor do I play one on TV. But even I know the opposing DC's we'll face this year are already planning ways to take London out of the equation. I would. They know Slovis can sling it. But will he Trust the other guys to go "GET" the damned ball?!?!? Trigg & Epps will help with both parts of this issue. So will a Run game!

AD Bohn; if you read any of these comments on this board, Please heed this one. Before the team leaves the hotel on game day of the opener, take Helton aside and tell him if he does Anything Other than walk out of the tunnel and stand quietly near mid field and talk too himself in an Unplugged headset, he's Fired! Let the staff do their job. Let the players do theirs. THOSE are to be considered standing Orders for the entirety of the season.