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#LetUsPlay: Too Little Too Late?

September 16, 2020

I have been beating the #LetThemPlay drum ever since the Pac-12 conference first cancelled the 2020 fall sports season, killing both football and basketball before all the evidence was in.  

Larry Scott and the Pac-12 Presidents made the wrong decision to delay until the spring of 2021.

During the time when the PAC-12 and B1G conferences were snubbing their noses, the rest of the elite continued to stay the course, and they have shown there are multiple solutions for every challenge.  Ironically, the Conference of Champions [University of Arizona] was sitting on the answer for months using the Quidel Corporation’s rapid testing device.   Were the Wildcats trying to get a competitive advantage over their conference brethren, or was Larry Scott and the conference presidents quietly working on their testing agreement with the Quidel company?  And if they knew then how successful this breakthrough was, why keep it under wraps?   Was it to keep the pressure off them from having to resume fall sports?

Which ever conspiracy theory you subscribe, the fact is this data has been available for awhile, and as it turns out, the protocols the conference are putting in place to move forward are actually better than the protocols the NFL are currently using.   Let me say it again...BETTER THAN THE WHAT THE NFL IS DOING!!!

Today the B1G announced they’re back in the race!   Their football season is now scheduled to kickoff the weekend before Halloween on October 24, and will put their teams back on schedule to join the playoff hunt….That is if they and the rest of the elite like the SEC, ACC, and BIG XII conferences get to regular season finish line.   The bigger news is....At least the B1G has joined the race!

There’s still one empty starting block and the players from USC want to be a part of the race too,  and yesterday the Trojan team sent California Governor, Gavin Newsom, a passioned plea: “Governor Newsom, our request of you is that work with us — urgently and purposefully — to find a path forward for us to resume competitions later this fall so that we can have the same opportunity as other teams around the country to play for a national championship.” #LetUsPlay. 

Did the desire to play and the players’ movement to begin their comeback start too late though?  

Why are the players leading the charge? 

The Pac-12 parents for the most part were silent compared to their B1G Conference counterparts, and each school’s athletic directors and coaches were at least publicly, on the same page.   And when I say they were on the same page...I mean they were dead silent...Unlike some of their B1G Conference counterparts!

Look, I’m tired of all the excuses and reasons why the PAC12 should not play from members of the media and the conference’s decision-makers.  

It also seems like those arbitrary rules and the previous rationale that was used, have run out of support from even their strongest supporters.   The goal posts just might too heavy to move now with more and more people hanging on to the idea of a fall football season actually being possible.

From an optics outlook if the PAC12 stays on the sideline while the other Power Five schools play, the loss will be more significant than just dollars and cents.  And those losses are already staggering!   They say the path to Hell is paved with good intentions, and the PAC-12 can walk their path of good intentions, however, walking it alone will be a lonely future going forward.  

The Trojan Family knows what “Fight On” means.  It’s time for the conference to adopt this mantra if we’re all in this together and it’s time to play Conquest in the background as loud as possible until the CA and Oregon officials relent!

Recruits will notice.  

Future head coaches will notice.  

Boosters will notice.

The media is taking note.

Can the Pac-12 make a comeback and compete with the B1G Conference to make a playoff run?  The Conference of Champions has the ball in their own territory and time is running out.

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