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Sunday's Take Away: We Miss Our (USC) College Football

September 13, 2020

In the midwest BIG10 football have always been known for the way they play a style of “Gooch”, aka, Bully  football.   Big brawny muscle on top muscle farmboy strong dudes, plowing ahead gaining 3 yards and a cloud of dust.  

Saturday marked Week-2 of the 2020 college football season, with the Power 5 Conference teams taking the field without the B1G Conference or their west coast Brother-in-Arms PAC-12.  

Ironically, The BIG Conference school presidents might have been bullied into playing football by the parents, coaches, as well as a little asistance from the #LetThemPlay group.  They made sure their voices were heard and they remained disciplined sticking to the game plan.  

It resembled a “Fight On” attitude!

As athletic departments see their wallets defunded, and voices grew louder, the B1G Conference is now scheduled to have a revote either today or Monday regarding their decisions to cancel the fall season...and the feeling is a new start date will be announced for some time in October.  Remember, it was just a week ago when PAC-12 Commissioner, Larry Scott, quipped, “he would like to see the P12 & B1G forge a traditional New Year Bowl Game tradition” for both conferences this season.

Scott and the Pac-12 may have taken a knee in solidarity with the B1G conference when they cancelled their fall seasons back in August.  However, while still on bended knee, let’s hope and pray the PAC’s sisters and brothers from the midwest stay on the same calendar start date.  

Otherwise there’s a chance...

By Monday, USC, might be just one of twelve Power-5 Conference teams who are not even allowed to practice, while the “new” Power 4 conferences prepare to either start or continue their fall seasons.  

I miss USC football enough as it is right now.  If this were to happen where the PAC-12 is sitting out by themselves, I just might find myself falling back into the five stages of grief again.   Don’t feel sympathy for me.   Save it for the young men who have skin in the game...literally. 

When you see the above from our Trojans, it’s hard not to smile and at the same time feel bad for the PAC12 student athletes.

Yesterday I spent my Saturday watching the next batch of offensive and defensive linemen recruits being coached up by the Giant Skillz Athletics group, along with Coach Christian Rector...On a side note, SCoopTV, is working to set up an episide with Rector to join us so he can let Trojan Family know what’s up.   Before and after the camp, I crammed in as much college football as I could while checking the score on the Laker Domination.

The more I saw the highlights of  games featuring, Texas...and Clemson...and Florida State...and North Carolina...and watching Coastal Carolina force Les Miles to eat artificial turf blades of field turf, the more I missed watching USC Trojan Football!.   I also learned a new name for a fighting rooster...and the word Chanticleer sounds much much better too.   I can only imagine how fun it would be listening to Pete Arbogast call a Trojan game against the Chanticleers....”How Do You Do?!!?”

So now the PAC-12 waits.  If the B1G Conference votes to move forward with an earlier start date, will Larry Scott convene a revote for the PAC-12 presidents?   Or will the apathy level from the west coast give the schools all the leverage they need to stay their chosen course?  Is it even up to them...or are they willing to apply the pressure where it needs to be applied?

Everyone who is intimately involved with the B1G have done their jobs.  Their voices were heard and they kept the pressure up.  

I wish I could say I felt the same level of enthusiasm and “Fight On” spirit from the folks who have a vested interest with the PAC-12.

Tick Tock...Tick Tock...Is the PAC-12 back on the clock?

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