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Monday's Morass: What If One More PAC12 School Runs Out Of Money?

September 6, 2020

What if the local media did their jobs?

Why did it take Jon Wilner from the San Jose Mercury News to ask the hard questions?  The Los Angeles area schools, USC and UCLA, in the second largest media market in the country sits quiet while questions go unanswered.  No offense to our friends from Northern California, Stanford and Cal, however, shouldn’t some pressure be coming from the L.A. Times as well as the other local print and TV media?   Simple question, why are the Rams and Chargers allowed to have a different type distancing protocol than everyone else?   

What if the Pac12 is playing football in November?

Will there be fans allowed?  Do you care if Trojan football being played?!!?   Last week in Monday’s Morass, we asked the question if there would be any type of season for the PAC12.   The premise was the B1G conference leading the way and putting the pressure on Larry Scott and the PAC12.  

Looks like Poker Face Larry checked and raised the stakes at the table last week when he and the PAC-12 announced an agreement with Quidel.  While everyone, myself included, were waiting for the B1G conference to make a move, the PAC12 went all in and said,  "it’s high priority to the Pac-12 if they could align their season plans with the Big Ten to allow their "traditional postseason opportunities" together.”  What if USC is playing in October?!!?

What if we weren’t missing our annual fall traditions?
Labor Day Weekend is when families come together.  Tailgates.  BBQ.  Music.  Football.  

As usual it was HOT this weekend!   My warm feelings were coming from inside my body while I was oblivious to the heat outside...maybe the air conditioning played a role too.   While watching Memphis play Arkansas State, I was grappling with the idea of watching football without fans being allowed to attend if that was my only choice.   Selfishly, I'm all for it if the young men get to go out and do what they do best.    However, I also think fans should be there.   The capacity can be argued, however, if the risk is okay for the teams then it's okay for the fans too as we saw over the weekend.   As General Williams said during the Army game broadcast,  the “secret sauce” is in the discipline.”  Football is all about your job!

I’m also going to miss my tailgate family. 

What if Utah is just the first Pac12 team to close the Athletic Department?


Rhetorical question: How does Utah recruit if their staff is on furlough?

There was no time table given, however, when an entire athletic department gets shut down, you know the money is tight.  I’ll be honest, I was surprised to see that Utah was the first school to lock the vault.  What happens if one or two more schools are forced do the same?   Will this be the pressure point to get fall sports started as soon as possible and not wait until January?  

Furloughs and job cuts are not the solution.  Will the loss of revenue force the rest of the conference power brokers to consider alternate conference affiliations down the road?

What if next week’s Monday’s Morass has a new fall schedule update?

If the B1G conference ups the ante and calls Larry Scott’s bet...Maybe... just maybe...some more good news is on the way.  We deserve it!

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