Now that it's been a lil bit of time to digest the loss of KS too the Ducks. I don't deny it sux! It sux buttermilk even!

But I'm not gonna sit here and bash the youngman. It's his decision. His life. I will wish him success except on those Saturday's when we line up against them.

I follow other message boards, partly because those teams are after the same guys we are. But also to keep tabs on how other teams are approaching the recruiting game. Before the ouster of Pendercr@p; it was painfully obvious why we were losing so many battles. The SEC, Clemson, the Big 12 and the B1G all get it. You Need to recruit and do it constantly! The new staff realize this. Clearly. Just look at the massive uptick in our recruiting achievements since Orlando & Co. arrived. New attitude. New way of doin things. New results. Well, new in so much as recent events were concerned.

Keep up the great work guys! Fight On!!