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Monday's Morass: What If

July 26, 2020

Like many of you, I’m old enough to remember certain iconic images and thinking how proud I was to be an American.  When I turn on the sports today, I’m being told to check my privelege, be embarrassed, and repent for the past even if I had nothing to do with it.   As I tuned into watch the Dodgers game the other day I begain thinking to myself....

What if a spectator tried to burn an American flag at a sporting event in 2020?

Way back in 1976 a couple of  “protestors” attempted to do such a thing at Dodger Stadium and Chicago Cubs outfielder and local California resident, Rick Monday, was having nothing of it.  

Would, Vin Scully, arguably the greatest sports announcer EVER, be cancelled for calling someone an “animal?”    Would the next Rick Monday who finds themself in a similar position do the same and prevent someone’s Freedom of Expression, or would they participate by allowing the act to take place?  

I would hope, even with everything going on, the former would take place over the latter.

What if team sporting events stopped playing the National Anthem altogether?

Looking for ways to be inclusive seems to be lost in today’s discussions, so what if one of the grenades people are falling on was eliminated from the game?   Why is the anthem played for team sporting events, however, not the individual sport contests like it because of the high number of International players who play in those sports?   The NBA & MLB have a high volume of international players too so shouldn’t the same logic apply?  

H E...DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS!!!...The NHL has more international players than anyone and they play two anthems!!  

The solution seems really simple.  Either get rid of the point of contention so the athletes don’t have the chance to appear disrespectful OR...allow the “Message Of Day” to have it’s own moment either before or after the national anthem.  

Being inclusive means compromise and understanding.

What if a Trojan football player contracts COVID during the season?

Should there be rules and discipline in place to mitigate the potential of getting infected?  

The NFL and the players union have been discussing this very issue.   What if a player misses a scheduled test?  Should they be quarantined until further notice or will the player pull the “my choice” card.  

Apparently, in the NFL, where you go matters...if there are more than 15 people gathering.   Going to a place of worship or a restaurant is considered taboo, although large gatherings of protestors is on the okay to-do-list.  

Do college programs have the right to encourage a certain type of lifestyle for the players away from the team?    We hear coaches preach about staying out of trouble and putting oneself in a bad situation with decision-making....Shouldn’t staying healthy  fit into the same paradigm?

Aren’t we all being asked to do something for the benefit of the masses?  Why should any particular group be excluded from the “rules?”

What if the empty stands are an indication of what a college football game will feel like?

The void of real fans in the stands and artificial crowd noise piped in has made the start of the MLB season an awkward watch.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate real sports and the chance to watch something different than the news or an rerun of Gunsmoke, however, the lack of a real fans cheering from the stands is visceral.  If I notice the difference, the players certainly notice it.  

So far there are indications there will be some fams allowed to attend the football games when the season eventually kicks off.   Players feed off the energy level from real fans, and without the real food, so to speak...I’m left to wonder if the fake crowd noise will be enough to keep the young men engaged when they need to find that extra push?  

What about the Towel Wavers...will they be trying to get the crowd into the game, or will they focus their efforts on their reammates?

What if certain “beat writers” took a break from poking the Clay Helton Can’t Get The Job Done Cage?

Look, I get’s been a long off season and we’re all looking for an angle and something new to talk about.  I’m walking in the same barren wasteland as everyone a satirical way, the current sports landscape reminds me of the scene from the movie, “Space Balls” , when the desert is being combed for clues.  Everything right now is so stereotypical.

When the announcement was made the PAC-12 was going to the conference game only format, some from the Fourth Estate  seemed overjoyed with glee!  The removal of the Alabama and Notre Dame games from USC’s schedule, was just another opportunity for some to highlight the Trojans’ record under Coach Helton against the elite programs.  It’s this person’s opinion that certain writers are more concerned with their own emotional well-being than they are for the team or Clay Helton. 

What if USC’s recruiting fortunes are about to hit a road bump?

It’s not time panic yet, Trojan Family, however, the last week or so, the positive momentum around the team seems to have hit a pothole in the road.  Incoming Trojan legacy, Jack Yary, put out a message on social media, he is “The Future” for the Washington Huskies program going forward, and 6th-Year tight end, Daniel Imatorbhebhe, decided to enter the transfer portal.  With the 2020 high school football season on hold and a recruiting dead period in place until August 31, right now might be a good time for some good Trojan news on the recruiting front...especially along the offensive and defensive lines where the Trojans are waiting for a few key commitments.

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