Scott; Spot on!!

The 'power' at SC has been pathetic more times than not with whom is hired or fired. I will admit when it was announced that SC Pres. Folt & AD Bohn had been hired; I was worried. Both coming from Basketball schools. Now Cincy has had some decent success of late in football; but by an large its a BB school.

When it was announced that Helton would see yet another season I felt like the 'fix' was in. My fear that the BB people were gonna further bury SC Football because they didn't give a rip about it was being proven out.

Fast forward too now an the staff that has been assembled is Awesome!!! OC Harrell an Co. have begun assembling a machine. Slovis is a Gunslinger! On Defense, well it's Beyond Night & Day the difference. Even more important, the upgrade in Recruiting!! On that point, the hire of DC Orlando & Co. will allow SC to put the wall back up, not just around LA; but all of California just as Coach Carroll so successfully did. Guys will see the Development of players here, which was sorely lacking under Pendercrap! That lack of development has been cited numerous times by recruits from CA when asked Why they chose Bama or UGA or Clemson over SC. No more!

Can't wait for the season!! Fight On!!