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Confidence Level High...USC Will Play Alabama In Front Of Fans

May 19, 2020

Not sure about you, however, when I saw the news from California Governor, Gavin Newsom, signaling there will be professional sports in Los Angeles perhaps as early as June 1...2020...  my attention was dialed up to 11 on the volume control.  My spine was tapped!

The words were coming out of Newsom’s mouth, meanwhile, my mouth was wide open with lockjaw!  Could this be true?   It had to be...I actually heard the words ...from Newsom’s mouth.

With the front door now being opened to professional sports, it’s really only a matter of time before the same declaration will be made for college athletics.   If the regimented testing and lodging procedures are safe enough for one group of humans, then the same logic should apply across the board.       

It’s my opinion, Traveler, has left the corral and you can bet your last piece of Texas BBQ, there will be fans inside Jerry World when the Trojans and Crimson Tide battle this September.   It comes down to a cost benefit analysis...with or without fans.   One potential solution being discussed in the PAC12 is only playing conference games in an effort to reduce travel, and minimize possible infection rates.   However, what’s the financial cost to travel to Dallas versus the cost to travel to the state of Washington?     There are also other costs to consider which cannot be quantified, including Booster donations.   With or without fans in the stadium, a Trojan win over the Crimson Tide will get bigger donations from the Boosters than a win up in Pullman.

It’s always about the money and that’s why my Spidey Senses are telling me to feel good about watching games in person.  Texas will allow large events to take place with people in attendance.  

Speaking of Dallas...and Los Angeles as the Trojans Hunt for the Crimson Tide.

Com...Sonar...CRAZY IVAN!!!...

All stop, quick quiet...!!!   

The devil is in the details I suppose, however, talk about an about face!   Did the Commader of California feel something, or some people sneaking up behind him and when he turned to look he quickly saw a bigger force taking aim?    Maybe Newsom realized he took the ship as deep as he could and began to feel the integrity of his “structure” weaken.   And by structure I mean  the support  of his voters.

Did the science change over night?  Did the concept of someone who dies with COVID, not necessarily mean someone died from COVID, finally register with the number crunchers?   Or is it as simple as California needs some federal money and in order to get some of the jackpot, Newsom, had to make the decision to sit down and play his hand?   

This is what happens when you bluff your way to the river card betting on an inside straight.  That’s bad poker, Newsom.    The idea of 5 MLB teams, 3 NFL teams, 4 NBA teams, and 3 NHL teams taking their employees taxable income out of state was a real threat and you blinked.  

Will the powers-that-be at USC feel more inclined to follow the Governor’s lead now?

It’s always about the money.   

The new regime running the athletic department seems to have figured it out...And if Mike Bohn and Brandon Sosna haven’t totally figured it out yet, they’re definitely heading in the right direction.   Both have stated their game plans of doing things at the highest level, and the Trojan Family got another boost when the Athetic Department announced an addition to USC’s future out of conference football schedules.

Good bye, UC Davis scheduling....Hello SEC scheduling!   The irony of that statement is funny considering it was, and kind of still is, a national punch line when talking about the SEC, and her history of scheduling out of conference games with teams who did not support the Confederacy during the Civil War.  

Not only will USC be opening this season against Alabama, the University announced they will host, Ole Miss, in Los Angeles to kick off the 2025 season.   There’s some early intrigue with former Trojan head coach, Lane Kiffin, currently the Rebels head coach, possibly facing his old team currently coached by Clay Helton when the teams meet.   Kiffin hired, Helton, who eventually took over the program permanently after Lane was left looking for a ride home from LAX.  

By the time the Rebels get to Los Angeles, it will mark 20-years since a SEC team visited the Coliseum.   Considering what the Trojans did to the Arkansas Razorbacks on that 70 point day, it’s no wonder why their SEC brethern have been slow to schedule USC.   The Trojans will return the favor with a trip to Oxford, Mississippi for a game on September 15, 2026.  

In an effort to break the ice and generate some more positive energy, the official USC athletics twiiter account sent Coach Lane Kiffin a quick hello note.  

Being positive isn’t easy.  I just make it look easy.   With so much negative energy surrounding all of us today, we have to look hard and stay focused in order to find the little things to keep the Fight On flame burning.    

One positive thing I’ve taken out of this whole ordeal is finding the motivation to go outside every day and walk/jog/run at least 5 miles a day.   But that’s not the best part.   The best part is what inspires me during my time outside searching for the positive.  Like seeing a father teach his son how to ride a bike without training wheels...or seeing people waving to others who are also outside.

Whatever the case may be...Whether it was the good news drops on a Monday, or the happiness I felt seeing a father teaching a child, it left me feeling more confident.  

The stars seem to be aligning and the health and wellness concerns continue to trend in a positive direction.    

With the rest of the country attempting to open, perhaps California’s laid back attitude just needed a kick in the rear and a reminder from the rest of the country....California, you’re not special...If we’re all in this together...that means we’re ALL in this together and other solutions can work.

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