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What's Up Wednesday?

April 21, 2020

Should the football season start tomorrow, who would be USC’s preseason team MVP?   For now, let’s just hope the football season starts in 2020 and I will award the 2020 Season the MVP Trophy!

Assuming the season moves forward and the way the team is built and being marketed, should we just call this Kedon’s “Freaking” MVP award to lose?   Slovis is already considered a safe bet for the Heisman voters and we’ve all seen what a magical season can do for a USC quarterback when they lead the Trojans to victory over the course of a season. 

Is there another candidate for Team MVP?  Could a running back actually steal the headlines or will a defensive player be the MVP?

Last night after the filming of SCoopTV’s most recent episode the topic of Korey Foreman’s de-commitment came up, and we had a behind the scenes talk considering some of the different scenarios where players, and recently signed recruits are looking at their options.   Cliff notes version...Expect a lot of movement in late May and into June... with one or two programs who are going to really despise USC.   Prior to the flood gates opening though, Trojan fans can anticipate another recruit of two keeping the momentum flowing with their commitments.  There is also rumor going around the Trojans might be adding another analyst to the offensive side of the ball too!  More on that when the time is right.

Even though we’re still in the month of April it’s fun to follow USC football recruiting again.    The country is being given lemons and USC is selling lemonade.  

Over the last few weeks we’ve been talking about the recruiting momentum the staff is on...and for good reason!   However, I think the staff is literally having fun too!   I would even go as far as to make the claim the Trojan’s staff are trolling their competitors over the recruits commitment’s to USC.  The coaches aren’t just winning the recruiting battles....The staff is rubbing their competition’s noses in the dirt with some reminders of what can be accomplished when you attend the University of Southern California.  

Is this “negative recruiting”, or this simply pointing out the differences between USC and the rest of the field?  Whatever the strategy has swag and the swag has been missing for a while.

When a recruit verbally commits to USC, or if the staff wants to send out a strong message for all to see, the staff grabs the mic and starts dropping jokes a plenty with their tweets!  

Take Coach Keay Colbert’s most recent tweet where coach highlighted the University’s success rate of sending wide recivers to the NFL through the draft.


You may notice the Trojans at the top of the list by a wide may also notice a not so subtle shot at a certain program who believes their fowl doesn’t stink.   

Just what was Harvard thinking about when they chose to take 9 million in federal assistance money from the CARES program, when they sit on a 40 billion dollar endowment?    And this was after they chose to lay off salaried employees!

The money should be sent immediately to Urbana University in Ohio.  Not only is the Division II school shuttering their athletic programs due to a lack of financial resources, the school is closing their doors permanently.  Not trying to make light of the COVID mortality rate, however, I believe this falls under the mass killing category.  

URBANA, Ohio — Lakota East senior kicker Gavin Myers was suddenly awakened Tuesday morning by multiple notifications on his phone. 

"I just looked over and I'm like, 'Why is everyone keep texting me in Hudl?'" Myers said. 

The Urbana University signee quickly learned the reason.

The Blue Knights' coaching staff announced the school was closing after the spring semester and all athletics programs would end. The End Of The Blue Knights

No one died so put your “I’m offended by the analogy” feelings away!  My insensitive point being, the LONGER we sit and do nothing, we should anticipate MORE casulaties.  

On a smaller scale, Boise State, made every staff person associated with their athletic department take a 10-day furlough without pay.   The Broncos might not be in a “power-5” conference, nevertheless, if a school like Boise is feeling the financial pinch, you can bet your last Bronco the potato heads from Boise will be putting maximum pressure on the folks inside the NCAA to open the universities back up this summer.  

It’s been a minute since we’ve had any #BasketballSChool updates  and I’m not here to offer any great breaking news, however, I do have a couple of notes of interest.  More than likely until further notice, Trojan fans should not anticipate getting a commitment filling either of the last two rides available.   As mentioned above, there will be a lot of moving parts as we get closer to summer and players are alowed free agency the one-time transfer rule because there is still a focus on a player or two who have already signed their letts of intent.

I’ve been told the staff is starting to give some attention to Lil Romeo’s younger brother, Hercy Miller, and his cousin who are both considered top-100 prospects for the 2024 recruiting class.  Does USC need a Master P in the stands at much fun did UCLA fan have having to deal with LaVar Ball’s anttention-whoring antics?   I’m not claiming the rapper is on Ball’s level of “look at me” although, we’ve been down this celebrity road before.  So unless Bronnie James is walking through Galen’s doors, I’ll take a hard pass.

There is still one big out of conference game being finalized and we will let you know when the ink is dry.  However, adding this game to the same schedule which includes Kansas will give the SOS an immediate NET boost.


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