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One school on top for big-time 4-Star TX Running Back!

March 21, 2020

USC offered elite 2021 RB Brandon Campbell‍ from Houston (TX) back in May last year and his interest in the Trojans was leading him to take an unofficial visit in April.

Since the Trojans offered, Campbell has seen his offer total rise to an astonishing 42. Just for effect, we’ll list each school......Alabama, LSU, Penn St., Virginia Tech, Florida, USC, Arizona, Auburn, Baylor, Florida, Florida St., Georgia Tech, Houston, Illinois, Louisville, Memphis, Miami, Michigan St., Missouri, Nebraska, North Texas, Ohio St., Oklahoma, St., Ole Miss, Purdue, SMU, Syracuse, TCU, Texas St., UAB, Texas Tech, UCLA, UTSA, Washington, Washington St. and more.

This is a big-time football player and one USC could desperately use with the Trojans losing out on versatile back Michael Drennen II‍ in February to Kentucky. Like Drennen, Campbell is not only a dangerous and dynamic playmaker running the football, he's an outstanding route runner and pass catcher.

USC Scoop last spoke with Campbell at the Las Vegas Pylon 7v7 in February. At that time he talked about his interest in the Trojans, what his visit plans are for the Spring and much more. Campbell is not only an exceptional athlete and football player, he's an extremely engaging and bright kid.

In fact, Campbell introduced himself at the 2020 All-American Bowl earlier this year in January and that's when he talked about his plans to visit this Spring. He said earlier tonight this was the week he would've taking the USC unofficial visit.

But a lot has changed since February with the CovId-19 pandemic and a lot of kids, like Campbell, are re-evaluating their recruiting plans. In many cases, kids are expediting their commitment timetables.

We spoke to Campbell Saturday night after he had an impactful conversation with USC RB coach Mike Jinks. 

Earlier on Monday Campbell released a list of his top six schools on Twitter.


Scott Schrader: What did you have planned for the Spring and how has the Coronavirus changed your approach?

BRANDON CAMPBELL: "I was going to visit USC this weekend, I was gonna go to Penn St., probably Ohio St. and sometime down the road Florida. The Coronavirus has changed a lot though. Now there won't be any Spring Games, Spring visits and there's really not that much for us to do. Although visits were going to help a lot of guys with their decisions, now that we can't visit, it's time to move forward with the process."

SS: Obviously what's happening now is unprecedented and I'm curious what you guys being heavily recruited by big time programs are talking about. Will there be more early commitments because of the complete uncertainty with current situation?

BRANDON CAMPBELL: “I think that's what we’ll see happen and coaches know that. We’ll see guys come out with their top schools quicker and commit. A lot of guys were waiting for the coaches to visit during the Spring and now that they can't come out, it may be best to make a quicker decision on everything with recruiting."

SS: Where are you at with the recruiting process and has it been sped up?

BRANDON CAMPBELL: “I was already at the point of narrowing down my list of schools, but now things might go a lot faster for me. I do think I have a very good idea of what the schools I'm looking at have to offer."

SS: So how did go about educating yourself about schools and football programs you may not have an opportunity to see in person?

BRANDON CAMPBELL: “I've talked to coaches and picked other people's brains as much as I could. I've talked to guys on the teams and gather as much information as I can."

SS: Have you been able to get enough information to the point you're comfortable with certain aspects of the areas and universities? 

BRANDON CAMPBELL: “I do in most cases and if I don't, I know other people who can offer that to me. Either way, we're going to find a way to get the information we need. We just have to do more research than we’re used to, like going online and looking it up. I think guys are realizing it's just going to be different for the 2021 class and we're adapting."

SS: You mentioned this is the time of year when coaches start putting a little pressure on guys to commit anyway?

BRANDON CAMPBELL: “I thought maybe it would start around June, but it's starting now. Coaches want us to commit, because they know they may not have time to spend with you this Spring or Summer."

SS: If you see Mike Jinks for the first time, you'd believe he was a SoCal dude. He's a flip flop guy all year, but he's not phoney and he won't lie to y'all. How well is he connecting with you?

BRANDON CAMPBELL: “I felt comfortable with Coach Jinks right away. He and my dad played basketball together in high school. So my dad knows him as a player and person. My dad had nothing but great things to say about him and my mom knows him as well. I just feel if they're comfortable with him, that makes me comfortable. Jinks is very straightforward and honest about everything with recruiting, like which running backs he's recruiting, who's high on his board and he told me he'd take me right now."

SS: You said in a text you had a deep conversation today with Jinks and he answered a lot of questions. Added some clarity you were looking for. What did you talk about?

BRANDON CAMPBELL: “We talked for about and hour or hour and a half. He expressed he really wanted me at this point. I could really feel the interest and the urgency in his voice. He's really going to dial up recruiting me with the current situation we have. My interest in USC is really, really high and my No. 1 school right now. I feel like we're in a really good spot."

SS: Would the extremely high level of trust you have with Jinks and USC be possible without the prior relationship with your father?

BRANDON CAMPBELL: “I actually really do believe that Coach Jinks is such a genuine person, and I mean you can hear it when you talk to him, that I would have no doubt bout him even if he didn't know my parents. I mean I would still have a high level of trust. You can never go wrong with people who tell the truth."

SS: Other than your relationship with Jinks, which I understand is important, what do you know about USC that adds to your strong interest?

BRANDON CAMPBELL: “USC is an elite university and a great school to take a serious look at for several majors. For me, I might want to get into Criminal Justice or Broadcasting and do what guys like Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush are doing. I also feel like you have a lot of opportunities in that town (L.A.), USC is really known for its academics and the connections you get with the alums.

"It's really hard to get into USC and I feel you can get a great education at many schools, but I just believe a USC degree just speaks volumes on your character and you in general. And you make lifetime connections at USC. Plus the tradition with the football program is amazing."

SS: USC could be left with one scholarship running back after the 2020 season. Is that something you're aware of?

BRANDON CAMPBELL: “Coach has pointed that out to me and he's also told me that I'm a top priority. I'm one of the backs they consider elite and I'm feeling that way from him and the rest of the staff. They've really been showing a lot of interest lately, I feel comfortable with them at this point and could be close to making decision."

A few clips from Campbell in Dallas, TX at the Pylon 7v7 this January.



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One school on top for big-time 4-Star TX Running Back!

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