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USC makes huge additions to coaching staff, recruiting impact

February 13, 2020

USC fans were understandably disappointed and some downright livid when athletic director Mike Bohn announced in December that Clay Helton would be returning for a sixth season as head football coach of the Trojans.

Not only had USC finished 5-7 in 2018 and 8-5 last season, but recruiting a significant drop off in recruiting had occurred with the Trojans finishing with two of its lowest ranked classes in decades, perhaps longer.

We can sugarcoat a 20th and 50th ranked recruiting classes by claiming the Trojans filled their needs and got great value from their class in 2019, and they absolutely did, but recruiting had become seemingly more difficult than it should in For a school with the location and history USC has.

They began losing out on elite West Coast prospects they would've signed in years past. Justin Flowe, Elias Ricks, Kourt Williams, Bryce Young, Bijan Robinson and others, all ended up at signing elsewhere. And that's a big problem should it continue into 2020 with the 2021 recruiting class.

AD Mike Bohn said His department would provide the necessary funding, coaches and support staff to turn the program around. But it was hard for USC fans to take him seriously after retaining Helton.

There were sgns Bohn and USC weren't playing around when he fired Clancy Pendergast and John Baxter a day after the embarrassing loss to Iowa in the Holiday Bowl. That definitely needed to happen and happen that day. No reason to prolong the situation.

USC Scoop got word the Trojans would have added Dave Aranda as the new DC had Justin Fuentes accepted then Baylor head coaching gig, but he didn't and Aranda became the head coach in Waco.

Another sign Bohn and Chief of Staff Brandon Sosna meant business, was when Graham Harrell was offered and accepted a three year extension at 1.3 million a year.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and DC Todd Orlando was hired, then his safeties coach at Texas Craig Naivar was hired, followed by special teams coach Sean Snyder, DL Vic So’oto and the headliner Cornerbacks coach Donte Williams. These were all big time hires in our opinion and all of them can flat out recruit.

Not only has USC assembled one of the top coaching staffs in the PAC-12, they've made a statement to recruits, opponents and the country, that they're not playing around. USC is done accepting mediocrity and average from its football team. The resources and leadership are in place for the Trojans to restore their place among the top programs in the nation.

I spent a few moments today in Northern Virginia sharing my thoughts on what's taken the place the last few weeks and what to look forward to going forward.

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USC makes huge additions to coaching staff, recruiting impact

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The new staff offers we fans a real reason for confidence, which has been in very short supply since the debacle in San Diego.

More importantly, it should provide the players with inspiration and resolve that the troubles of recent past are well within their means to put behind the program.

It's been decades since SC last found itself at the bottom of the rabbit hole where recruiting is concerned. The newly assembled staff certainly should address that issue. Gone is the lackadaisical 'mindset' towards said activity. Not since the Coach Carroll years has SC had a staff with this type of recruiting capability.

New CB's coach Donte Williams has been cleaning our clock the past several years while a member of the OR staff. Coming into LA and sniping any an all prospects that he set his sights on. No more. Now he's on our side and will be directing the staffs efforts as they get the word out too recruits near & far that SC is no longer gonna just lay down and be a doormat for other teams who want to waltz in and take their pick of the litter.

One of the biggest reasons Coach Carroll was so successful was his directive to the staff that SC was locking down LA! Coaches Orlando & Williams share that same mindset. They've hit the ground running, with several prospects not only here at home but all across the land, finding a new level of interest from SC. As reported by USC Scoop over the past several days, this includes reports of new extended offers too young men who were very pleased by this attention. Sadly those reports included the sobering note by several prospects that they have long held USC in high regard and in some instances we were their long time favorite/dream school yet the previous staff paid them no mind. Thankfully this in no longer the case. Hopefully bridges the new staff is rapidly trying too build haven't been already burned. Good hunting guys!! Fight On!
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Coach Williams will certainly use the time during spring ball to not only teach/instill in the DB's his philosophy on how too play the position. He along with the rest of the staff will be assessing the strengths/weakness of those players having not earned a lot/any playin time to date with an eye on 'guiding' some towards the portal; whilst scanning it for talent that could be brought on board during the summer as guys jump from their present situation.
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