I freely admit to having been very critical of AD Bohn recently. The retention of Helton is inexcusable. Hopefully Helton realizes he isn't a 'made man'...

I've also been less than thrilled with the hiring of Coach Orlando. I admit my judgement may have been premature. My vision clouded by outside (family) commentary. For that I do apologize. In looking deeper into his track record, I certainly feel he is a huge upgrade from the Farce we previously had @ DC!

AD Bohn; hopefully you hear the pain in we the Fans voices. Hopefully you realize that we are Not as we are routinely portrayed by some in the media and from other conferences (SEC) that we don't really care for or support SC! We most certainly do! We expect the team too fight! We expect the team too Win! Sadly, one of your predecessors (Pat Haden) suffered from a massive case of Butthurt; as a result of this affliction he ran off Coach O. LSU is enjoying the fruits of that idiocy.

As the 2020 season unfurls. We ask that you in your coming evaluation of Coach Helton; ask yourself this: Is the program better off? Is the program achieving those things it should? Is the program relevant? Does the program truly compete for championships? (No, I'm Not talking about the Pac 12 South either) If not, then you need to do what is best for the program. What is best for those future student athletes who will be a part of it and for we the Fan base. You must remove Helton from his position as Head Coach of USC Football! Only time will tell what the answer is. But when the information has presented itself and If, the sad state that has been USC football for far too much of Helton's reign; Continues to be. You have but one decision that must be made & acted upon, the removal of Helton as Head Football coach @ USC! Fight On!