We must put forth a great message for these guys! We need too lock down all of 'em! That's most likely a tall fence to climb. That bein said, since all are still on the table, we Need too get at least 3 of 'em!!

LB/Edge guys are a big part of Orlando's schemes. Pressure on the QB is what makes his scheme go. Orlando likes too bring the heat. Not just corner blitz's but ILB's too. The edge guys must, MUST retain leverage at all times! They can't afford too lose that leverage by just bein a missile too the QB. If they don't maintain discipline, they just become lawn darts...

We need a TE who understands how too 'find & sit down' in a hole that opens up in coverage, especially if the QB is movin in the pocket or towards the boundary tryin to extend the play. Somethin Slovis is very good at. Yary seems too have that ability already in his tool box.

We know the anchor that is around our neck, no sense further complainin' about it. For now. But if we don't add at least 3 of these guys the rope that anchor is attached too gets a bit shorter and our chances of swimming vs. sinkin' go way down.

Fight On!!