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2020 USC Recruiting Class: What happened, What’s next?

December 21, 2019

2020 USC Recruiting Class: What happened, What’s next?

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I think the key is that Wednesday happened. Bohn and Helton set the bar with a "Surprise" element to be coming on NSD. If memory serves me right we got goose eggs. Four silent commits who never materialized. Helton gave his typical spin and we got some good looking 3's but 3's need a ton of development. This staff doesnt develop they luck out with extreme talent. GH is the only one on the entire staff who has the eye (Kedon) and willingness to follow through with this vision of a potential strong player. GH put his neck on the line and he was right. The rest of this staff it's a paycheck.

FightOn Trojans
Pooh Bah
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Thete are a lot of positives to focus on. However, until Clay changes his format as to practice and getting a physical team on the field , not much is going to change.

Sorry for the broken record response.
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USC 's new president needs to recognize the legacy of football at USC and support it strongly
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Several things factored into the class.

1. the obvious Need for O-Linemen and Interior D-Linemen
2. the staff Refuses too Recruit! Uhhhh, I'm pretty damned Sure that would Never fly on Any staff in the SEC! Not even lowly Vandy!
3. the recruits know that Helton is deadman walking. most figured him a goner this year. (We fans included)
4. those recruits see the difference in an SEC style practice and the duckfart excuse for practices run by Helton.
5. the very notion that SoCal is 'open hunting ground' for the SEC, B1G & the ACC is beyond UNACCEPTABLE!!! One of the first things Coach Carroll did was institute a culture of toughness & accountability. Second, he built a wall around SoCal and Locked it down! Then again, he put Coach O in charge of recruiting & Coach O had every member of the staff locked in on an area of the country and they blanketed that region. Not only did they dominate recruiting here in LA they could go anywhere too get a guy, Including the South. Guess the tide has turned and their getting some payback... Saban is lickin his chops at the thought of sending Bryce Young out there in the opener too pick us apart...

Unless Helton hires a DC who in turn installs a sense of toughness in practice which starts with TACKLING then next year may well see another losing record, no bowl (obviously) and Finally Helton bein shown the door...

Happy New year & Fight On!!
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